Posted by Someone on April 14, 2012

Bear Grylls drops his trousers

Bear Grylls drops his trousers on telly - and it's not a quite sight: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TELEVISION


A step of how much real survival is involved in Mission Survive (ITV) is that vegetarian Samantha Barks is a front-runner to win.

This show is expected to be do-or-die against the harshest risks of the African bush, yet West End vocalist Sam flatly chooses not to consume any of the meat or fish her team-mates have eliminated.
Instead, she gets by on ration loads provided by the film crew and she looks the very best nourished of the lot.

The rehydrated gunk she consumes from metal packets looks nasty, but not as revolting as the challenge Bear Grylls set his remaining campers.

It can’t be described in a family paper: all you need to know is that, when he showed them ways to do it, he dropped his trousers and trousers completely view of the cameras. That’s exactly what you call a Bear behind.

The survival job was pointless, as is this whole program. Bear is a fantasist, in his aspect as he tears about the African bush pretending that sharks are about to eat swimmers or that lions are assaulting their camp.

Now, the candidates have got the procedure of him. He’s like an annoying child who wants everything to be a drama.

Bear ran in between their tents at two in the morning, shouting Guys, this is an emergency situation! and they hardly bothered waking up.

Crawling into the open, eyes half- shut, scratching themselves, they dealt with their bootlaces for 10 minutes before mishandling the difficulty, mishandling it again and after that flopping back into their resting bags.

You couldn’t blame them. The task involved orienteering in the dark, taking compass readings and counting rates in one direction and the next ... the sort of thing that a swotty Cub Scout would get thrilled about on a household holiday, when everyone else was attempting to capture a snooze. That s Bear all over the most insufferable six-year-old in the world.

He wasn’t the only overgrown child on the box last night, however Leonard and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory (E4) are more likeable.
Though I like classic quick fire American comedies such as Frasier and Will and Grace, The Big Bang Theory [ TBBT] passed me by for several years, tucked away on the nether reaches of the Freeview box.
Catch-up TV is so simple and compendious these days that I captured a few episodes and realized what I was missing a sweetly romantic comedy with a consistent waterfall of silly science gags.

Now I’m consuming it by the box-set, as well as watching the latest episodes every Thursday night a sure sign of hopeless sitcom dependency.

It’s hardly surprising a Frasier fan enjoys TBBT. The standard joke is the same how can 2 males who are so well-read be such idiots with women?

Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki) is the a little more skilled of the two flatmates he can make eye contact when a girl speaks to him, at least. His fellow physicist Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is more of a lost cause, incapable of recognizing any kind of social interaction. He blurts out everything he is thinking, two times as funny because he does it without malice.

When Leonard is moaning about his convoluted love life, Sheldon s concept of a soothing remark is to say: It’s complex, yes, however you’re talking with among the 3 people smart enough to understand. Just because I comprehend, though, doesn’t mean I care.

Kaley Cuoco plays Penny, the woman across the hall, who barely passed her math’s certificate, but knows more about reality than the boys might ever understand.

Leonard is smitten from the very first minute he sees her, which gives the story its gentle appeal we can see he’s in love long before he works it out.

The show s only flaw, and one that’s so irritating it might ruin your enjoyment, is the studio laughter. Like Cheers and Taxi, TBBT is shot in front of a live audience who bark and babble like performing seals. It might have been OK in the Eighties; however, it might drive you mad today.